Harold (Hal) Sasaki, Master Bonsai Artist

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Upcoming Classes: Classes are full.


Hal Sasaki - Bonsai MasterThis will be a unique opportunity for you to participate in a small workshop setting with a Master Bonsai Artist, Harold Sasaki. Since sessions with him are limited to private one-on-one instruction and consult basis, you will have the chance to take part in a blended experience in a real life setting, which will result in your own bonsai creation.

This most important of classes will give you a solid foundation and working knowledge of not only sustaining bonsai in Colorado, but helping them to flourish in our climate. His informative and entertaining workshop will debunk the myths, fiction and misconceptions surrounding this living art form. He’ll give you the facts and how-to’s of keeping bonsai alive.

You will begin your journey of learning with a translation of the Japanese word “bonsai”. From there, you will learn some of the science behind the art, which will aid you in successfully growing bonsai in Colorado. You will find out how to select plants that will survive in your home, or in the yard, through the changing seasons.

After a detailed demonstration of potting, trimming and wiring, you will have a hands-on experience of creating your own finished bonsai, which you will take home with you. Included in the cost of the workshop are a tree, ceramic pot, wire, soil, and gravel. We will lend you the tools you will need for the workshop. We also provide a class outline and space to take notes. ***Additional tools, books and supplies will be available for purchase on the day of class.


Saturday,  September 30th.   Note:  Class is full.
Time: 12PM – 4PM

Cost: $125 class price.
Address: West side of Denver Metro area, address given on paid registration
Location: Classes will be held in the back greenhouse. Please park on the street, proceed up the driveway, through the gate on the right hand side of the garage and follow the sign up the walkway to the back greenhouse.

Note: There are a few steps up to this greenhouse. We are not wheelchair accessible due to these steps and the uneven pathway into the backyard.

Dress for comfort: We anticipate nice weather for this class. Please bring a light jacket or sweater and sunglasses for the start of class in the cooler morning temperatures, with shorts and short sleeve shirts as the sun warms the greenhouse quickly. This is a working nursery (small, but mighty), so tennis shoes or solid base shoes are best for the uneven ground.

Important note: If we need to reschedule the class due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, or the minimum number of students is not met, we will extend your registration to the next class. We will contact you by email and by phone if this should happen.   Please be sure to wear layers in case it is cooler that day and to bring a snack, as needed for a 1:00 PM end time.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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